Vanguard has completed a project for China-based company, Goldwind at the new BioTherm wind farm, near Cookhouse in the Eastern Cape (South Africa).

The large-scale project has been managed entirely by Vanguard and the enormous scale of this project required a full contingent of equipment, tools and personnel to be deployed for a period of several months. All import, discharge and port works, including the temporary storage and handling of the cargo which was managed at Vanguard’s in-port storage facility, as well as transport and installation formed a part of Vanguard’s scope of work.

Vanguard’s Engineering and Planning department were instrumental in facilitating the transportation of all 48 wind turbines including 144 blades, from the port to site, some 140 km away. The design of specialised beams which acted as spacers and resulted in a reduction of the overall GVM, while allowing ample space to safely transport the 60-meter long blades, was a pivotal inclusion in the project.

“The most challenging part of this particular project from a management point of view, was the coordination between the loading of the cargo and the running of the transport trailers in line with local permits, police escorts and our own resources to ensure that there was no delay in the demanding schedule of 2 complete units per week”, says Lebenya Kuali, the senior manager in charge of transport at Vanguard.


Although the process was hindered due to the COVID-19 national lockdown, this project has forged ahead as a result of the dedication of the Vanguard onsite crew and management team. This demonstrates the priority Vanguard places on careful planning and execution.

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