In June 2017, an incoming bulk carrier collided with a shore-side shiploader at the Bulk Connection terminal in the Durban Harbor, knocking the 680 ton shiploader off its transport bogies. It was left leaning at a precariously oblique angle against the feed conveyor system, which, had it not been there, would have resulted in the shiploader ending up on its side.

Upon request by the client to tender on righting the shiploader and re-setting it onto its bogies, Vanguard was determined to win the salvage contract by developing an innovative, safe and time-saving solution. Knowing that we were bidding against two of the biggest heavy-lift companies in the world, we were extremely proud to win the contract on the basis that our solution was ruled by the client to be the most comprehensive and feasible.

Utilising a combination of sound engineering, hydraulic lift systems, self-propelled trailers and an armory of beams, staging stands, turntables and a wide range of purpose- engineered components and interfaces, Vanguard righted and relocated the shiploader, returning it to its transport bogies and handing it back to a very pleased client, in budget and on time.

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