A cold box and exchanger were rigged into position for a smelter in Tsumeb,Namibia. Vanguard collected the items from Walvis Bay harbour and transported them to site on a modular trailer. Once on site, Vanguard nimbly maneuvered the load into position before rigging and positioning the equipment.

The Challenge
Space was limited on the smelter site and Vanguard had to work around machinery and foundations. Strand Jacks were selected as the best option for rigging the equipment into position because of their compactness and cost­ efficiency. Cranes were not an option for this particular project because of the space constraints.

The trailers were accurately steered into position beneath gantry towers. Using these towers in conjunction with strand jacks and a tailing crane, Vanguard slowly lift ed the cold box and turned it 90 degrees into final position. The cold box was lifted and positioned first. The gantry towers were then brought forward and the exchanger was rigg ed into position

Cold box: 29 metres long, 50 tons
Exchanger: 17 metres long, 40 tons

The project awarded by Krones AG, a German packing and bottling machine manufacturer, involves the offloading of cargo, on-site logistics, installation of equipment, and mechanical installation of bottling lines for the new Sedibeng Brewery in South Africa.

The project comprises four stages. The first part of the project consisted of offloading and managing 250 containers on-site for the piping construction of the brew house. Vanguard destuffed the containers and arranged various items, such as piping lengths, valves, pumps and fitting s onto wooden shelving. This ensured that the piping contractors were able to easily find the components they needed and in the order they needed them.”

Second Stage
This included offloading, rigging and installing tanks weighing between 3 and 25 tons and measuring up to 15 metres tall. Also included in this portion of the project was the assembly of platforms and a mash filter.

Third Stage
Installation of a malt silo – including the structural work, as well as the installation of the malt handling equipment, such as chain and screw conveyors, and bucket elevators, which are needed to transport the malt from the silo to the brew house

Final Stage
The fourth stage includes the mechanical rigging and installation of the bottling lines. This encompassed installing a host of equipment, such as pasteurizers, labelers, fillers, a washer, and depalletisers. Vanguard was also responsible for the levelling, positioning and mechanical installation of all conveyors. In addition, the company is offloading and destuffing 210 containers and 27 break bulk pieces to be used in the packaging hall.

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